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50 from 50 is Nothing

December 2, 2012 — Leave a comment

It’s simple math really, 50 from 50 equals zero, nothing, nada, zip. Which is what we are without you’re help. It’s been said that it takes a village (smirk). We believe in this day and age of artists making records it takes a community. That’s why we’re asking for your help.

We’re asking 50 or more friends to contribute to the next KC & Julie Clark (formerly the offering) record. We are venturing out to record a series of EP’s based on our learnings over the years. To learn more, read on . . .

The Story
In 2003 we recorded our first record “Awake”. It was an amazing experience that yielded a radio single “Be My Everything”. Shortly after some regional touring and writing with our newly formed band, KC was offered a Worship Pastor position for a local church in Matthews, NC. We were also praying about moving to Nashville at the time.

On a short trip to Nashville a friend shared with Julie a powerful word of advice. She said that “if we would dig roots and invest in community, God would bring the people.” If she only knew how true that has become for us.

The following years did not yield much in the way of music or recording. But it did produce a strong community that leaped walls and bridged gaps across the city. Several years later we are experiencing community like never before. The influence we have been given is humbling and the kinship of our worship community priceless.

Now it is time to begin documenting this journey. We believe God has hidden these songs until now. They are songs of HOPE, and ever-increasing FAITH in our God who has proven Himself faithful to do what He promised.

We are committed to empowering the worship community of the Queen City. We are called to be artist’s as well as mentors in the worship community. We want to lead the way by releasing songs that tell our story.

There is nothing super compelling about recording music. But there is something amazing when we get to share the vision God has placed in us to lead other artists and worshippers. God has called us to lead a generation and leave a legacy. We hope to accomplish this in a few ways:

  • Being artists who produce great art that reflects the Creator.
  • Empower and encourage up and coming artists to do the same.
  • Leading the way for future generations of worshippers. Encouraging their unique voice and offering for the local worship community.

What We Need & What You Get
We have an awesome opportunity to record our first EP in over nine years on Dec. 14th at Gat3 Studios. That is only two weeks away (so time is of the essence). Three artists have reserved the space in order to do the unthinkable . . . produce three albums in one week. Our project will actually be tracked in one day, with further post-production being completed at Stillwater Studios in Gastonia, NC.

  • The initial need is $2500.00 total. This will cover tracking, musicians, studio rental and some post-production cost.
  • Whatever money is raised will be put towards whatever we can get accomplished in our initial tracking on Dec 14.
  • There are several ways you can get involved. Browse the many levels of giving and incentives on the right side of the page.

The Impact
The mere fact that we are recording this record in conjunction with two other artists/groups in one week is definite sign that collaborative community is a powerful thing. We believe that these records will allow us to grow as artist while we continue encouraging the worship community in the Queen City.

  • You as a contributor get to invest in not only our music but an investment in the future worshippers coming up all around our city.
  • We honestly can’t do this without you’re help. Believe me we’ve tried and it hasn’t happened thus far. So your investment helps us a great deal to not only live the dream but experience the calling on our lives.
  • Other Ways You Can Help

So you might be thinking “hey, this sounds amazing . . . but it’s almost Christmas time. I’ve got presents to buy and other things to put that kind of money towards.” Believe me, we get it. We really do . . . I’ve got six Christmas lists on my desk right now. So here are a couple ways you can help:

  • Get a group together and make a contribution. I’ve heard it said we are better together than we are alone. So your smaller gift with 5, 10 or 20 other smaller gifts make a really big gift. Ah, the power of community.
  • If you can’t give a $50.00 gift, look at the other giving options. There are some less strapping options available with some pretty neat incentives.
  • Lastly, If you can’t give at all, do us a favor and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. It is after all the season of SHARING, oh wait that’s GIVING. Well you get the point. There are several options on the campaign page that will allow you to share via Facebook, Twitter and Email.

Thanks for being a part of this next step in our journey,

KC & Julie Clark

The Church:
River Church Charlotte is a grace-based church declaring and demonstrating the love of God, the life of faith, and the hope of salvation. Their number one value is God’s presence. They want that to be evident in everything they do. They believe that when we come together as a church body, our God is in the midst of us. He is enthroned on our praise. Out of this place flows a unique sound that God is releasing in their church, our city, and this world. God created us all unique. Since God has given us all unique voices, we can bless God in only a way that our voices can.

deep-water-worshipDeep Water is the unique voice of River Church Charlotte. It is a movement of worship out of the local body for the local body and the church at large. Their mission is simply this “We exist to release music that carries the presence of God”. Grayson Berkowitz (Worship Pastor, River Church Charlotte) shares with me these two defining goals for the movement, “Our heart is that all would encounter Jesus, the hope of the world. He is our strength and our song. (Exodus 15:2) His love is in the songs that flow out of us. Most importantly the Gospel is made known when that song is sung and it brings salvation to everyone who believes. (Romans 1:16)

The team that came together for this record is comprised of River Church members and a few friends of this local church body on the outskirts of Charlotte, NC. Grayson Berkowitz (Worship Leader, Songwriter, Guitarist, Producer) who wrote, co-wrote and led several of the songs on the record. His wife Tori (Worship Leader) co-wrote and leads several songs. She is a powerhouse vocalist and abandoned worshipper. Jacob Early (Worship leader, guitarist, producer and long-time friend) makes an appearance as acoustic guitarist and worship leader as well. A voice that is present without being heard is that of Andy Squyres (friend, worship leader, songwriter and all around amazing guy) who was part of the writing team as well. This “A-team” of sorts really captured something pretty amazing in the writing process. One thing that is hard to do really well, is to write in community. This quartet did an amazing job of not only crafting great songs, but they also captured the voice of their church and the movement that God is birthing in and through Deep Water Worship.

The Album:
Grayson shared a very clear vision for this record and an amazing confirmation that propelled it into being. “The Lord spoke to me about stepping up and writing songs for the church. In response, I formed a writing team with my wife Tori, Andy Squyres and Jacob Early. We met once a week in my living room and dreamed up the songs for the church. There was no concrete plan of how an album would pan out or when this possibility could become a reality. One day, out of the blue, our Pastor called because he had received a word from the Lord, “We need to send the worshipers out first. We’re supposed to record an album. Lets figure out how we can do this. God will provide” so that’s exactly what we did and God provided”. When God says “Go” you go and trust Him as He leads you.

The crew worked hard in writing, but worked doubly hard in producing a live recording event where they would capture what would become their first record as a church. Not an easy task, nor a safe one, but one that paid off fantastically. In the midst of all this, the team even captured a music video for one of the songs “You Surround Me”. Check it out below:

DSC_0821After the Night of Worship, the tracks went to Threshing Floor Audio where Grayson and Jacob got to work editing and creating the final product. This may be River Church’s first recording project, but it doesn’t sound like it. The goal was to capture a live experience that was also able to showcase the songs. The team went to great lengths to make sure that the evening was a success. But more than a great recording they desired God’s presence. It’s not often that I hear a record that I’m writing a review for, and want to just stop and worship instead. One Hope does just that . . .

It’s hard for me to highlight any particular moment. It’s all just so good. But if you’re gonna pick some top hits I’d start with “Overcome” a declaration of Christ walking among us, suffering on a cross, defeating the grave and overcoming death for us. It’s a song that ascribes glory to the only one who saves. The title track “One Hope” led by Tori Berkowitz sets our hearts and minds on the one true hope in the midst of fear or doubt. It testify’s to the foundation and anchor that Christ is for us, no matter our circumstance. “You Surround Me” is another song featuring Tori that takes us deeper into His presence. Carrying the theme of God’s ever-present help and care.

You Surround me with salvation, You renew with your song
You surround me with your Glory, and your everlasting love

“I Am Yours” featuring Jacob Early is an anthemic cry acknowledging that God is always calling out to us. It is a song of glad surrender full of joy and passion. Other sweet moments include “Behold our King”. We gaze on the glorious sacrificial love of Christ as He was lifted up in atonement for our sins. “My Heart is to Worship” and “The Bride” close out the record with a shared sentiment that expresses the personal and corporate love for our Savior.

From the beginning of the record to the end each song continues to take you deeper into His presence. From a very corporate expression of worship to an intimate personal yearning, this record lives up to the collective vision of it’s curator’s. It is truly the One Hope that Deep Water Worship wanted to express. A desperate love of God and songs that carry that same love to their local church and beyond.

DSC_0964One Hope has already seen great impact as they have seen it climb charts in iTunes. One of the things that I love the most about this team and their debut effort is that they are so generous with what they have been given in these songs. Deep Water Worship has been giving the record away to worship leaders since even before the physical copies arrived. If you are a worship leader and would like a copy, I’d love to get you connected to these folks. As I said before these songs have ministered to me ever since I hit play the first time. I believe whether it’s to encourage you as a leader, worshipper and son or daughter, or to find a place for these unique expressions in your local body. You need to get this record.

Here’s how you can get a copy for yourself or your church. If you just love worship music please go buy it on iTunes and Amazon. If you’re a worship leader and you would like some more informatoin about Deep Water Worship. Visit their website where you can download chord charts you can also find links to connect with them via Facebook or Twitter.

I’m honored to not only call the Deep Water team fellow worshippers in Charlotte, but also friends. I share a passion for not only their music, but their lives as they express them in worship. That is the beautiful thing about community. We all serve a common purpose but in different ways. If you aren’t a part of the worship community yet and you would like to know more. Leave a comment below with your contact info or sign up for the mailing list in the sidebar. Until then remember we’re better together than we are alone and as always #LiftHigh

– KC

feature_performing20124Hey friends we wanted to share with you an exciting partnership with our good friend Dae-Lee. Julie and I, along with our band will be performing at the first Annual Queen City Hope Benefit Concert. Queen City Hope is committed to educating the citizens of Charlotte, NC about the needs of the less fortunate in our city while creating opportunities to join local organizations in lending a helping hand of hope.

This will be an event your entire family will not want to miss. With this year’s beneficiary, The Harvest Center of Charlotte, the focus will be on gaining new volunteers for their weekly initiatives to assist the homeless.

We will be performing alongside dynamic performances including, GRAMMY nominated producer and artist Dae-Lee, Stellar Award Nominee Travis Greene and DJT Live on the 1′s & 2′s keeping the party going.

Where: N Tryon St & W Trade St, Charlotte, NC
When: Sept. 22, 2012 6pm-10pm
Cost: FREE!

For more information visit the Queen City Hope website. You can sign up to volunteer and also donate to this event. Let’s bring hope to the Queen City!

You can also promote the event using their Facebook page.

So, some dear friends of mine and worship leaders at Renovatus Church are finally documenting the original songs that have been written over the years!.  This much anticipated release will be a collection of songs entitled “The Liturgy and the Primal Shout”.  Sarah DeShields and her worship team have been building altars over the past 5 years in the form of songs and other expressions that help them document their story as a church.  I for one am personally excited to support them in this process.  So I want to give you the opportunity to do the same.

At Renovatus we believe that worship is an act of building altars before the Lord. We have a story to tell as a particular people of God, and weaving that story into our worship is a way of giving Him glory and remembering His faithfulness over us as His bride.

Over the past 5 years our worship leaders have been keeping their ear to the heartbeat of Renovatus, penning what they hear in song. These songs have become the liturgy and shout of our church, and it is time to document them in a way that is long lasting.

We are going into the studio in September to record this collection of Psalms, Hymns and Spiritual songs. To keep you in the loop, here’s what costs – Studio time, engineers, production team, mixing and mastering, CD printing and duplication, and food for the band and all involved as they work hard to create something for you to take home and listen to. $5000 would cover these costs. Check out the perks, the videos, and keep checking back for more! And thank you for your generosity!

Head over to their Kickstarter page and read more about the story behind the record and please GIVE towards this worthy collection of psalms, hymns and spiritual songs.